Morning Routine

Something that definitely makes me go AAAGH is our morning routine It is insane and no matter how early we get up we are always rushing to get to school before that bell rings.

Shriek’s School starts at 9:00 am. You think that would be a cinch to get their on time . It is not early at all. I think our main problem is the lack of time we have every night. By the time I have picked up the umpire from his job we are all not home until 6:00 pm which leaves little time for dinner, homework, and preparation for the next morning before it is bedtime.

Today was classic running around with our heads cut off mode. We did the homework last minute a quick breakfast and a super simple pony tail. We ran into the car and got to the school with a few minutes to spare. I was so shocked. Being early must have  not been meant to be because as soon as Shriek was starting to get out of our van she realized she was not wearing any shoes! She had forgotten to put her shoes on. She just had her socks on her feet. I had not noticed this before we left! So back home we went to get some shoes! The madness continues day after day. At least it is pretty entertaining after the fact.

What has made you go AAAGH this week?

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  • Gwen November 5, 2010, 7:04 AM


    Do you ever wonder if children do this intentionally, you know, so we would have something funny to blog about?! Funny think is, my sister-in-law emailed me pictures today of my nephews Trick-Or-Treating. The 3 yr old didn’t have any boots on. The child went out in just his socks…and no one noticed!

  • T November 5, 2010, 8:31 AM

    my kids are currently at 3 different schools – High School starts at 8:15ish… Middle School around 8:20… (don’t ask me, I just hope they don’t have 180 tardies by the end of the year) – and the Elementary school bus comes at 8:30… guess who collapses at that same time? (let’s not mention early morning choir rehearsals and after school play practice, I don’t want to think about those things this morning.

    Next year? 4 schools. I can’t wait… 😛

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