The Top Ten Ways Having Kids Will Affect Your Next Girls Night Out.

The Top Ten Ways Having Kids Will Affect (2)

I love a fun night out with friends just as much as the next girl, but discovered  having little ones has changed just about every aspect of having a girls night out. here are the top ten ways going out with friends has changed since having kids.

1. While trying to decide what outfit to wear you look for the outfit with the least amount of spit up stains instead of the cutest option.

2. Your in the car with your friends when you suddenly shout loudly that there is puppy in the car next to you, like some form of turrets. Your kids have programmed you to let them know if you see any four legged creature that may be cute.

3. Your friends start talking about current events and all you can up with is that Daniel tigers mom just had a baby girl.

4. When sitting down for dinner you realize how nice this is and try to remember the last time you went out with friends. It was before your oldest was born, she is now five.

5. You grab your phone to capture a group selfie, when you realize your camera won’t take any more pictures because it is too full of the 500 pictures your toddler took of her feet.

6. After you have been out for a little while you yawn with exhaustion and figure it is time to call it a night. When you look at the clock, it is only 8:30.

7. When your food comes at the restaurant you scarf it down as fast as you can forgetting that your kids are not with you to get restless and scream ten minutes into the meal.

8. You reach in your purse to grab your wallet to pay for dinner and out comes binkies, used tissues, and hair elastics.

9. After the night is over you hug your friends promising you will all get together again very soon thinking to yourself that it will probably be at least another five years.

10. You realize you were going to write ten ways having kids affects will affect your next girls night out, but your so exhausted from being out with your friends late and getting up at the crack of dawn the next morning to fix your kids cereal that you can’t possibly come up with one more.


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  • Michal November 4, 2014, 9:55 AM

    #3 made me laugh out loud!

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