My Two Year Old’s Latest Obsession


My two year old is pretty much a dream. Once my older kids have left for school every morning my youngest Screamette occupies herself wonderfully for a little bit while I clean up the epic morning mess, blog, or waste time on facebook.

Her favorite thing to do is hand me my iphone and ask me in her cute voice to type in My Little Pony on YouTube. I first thought this would lead to her watching clips of the cartoon umm no, her favorite video’s are people holding the little figures while acting out scenes. They do different voices and everything. You see the hands of the people moving around the little figures, and these people have made like professional backdrops and there is a plot. Yes, this really exists and it is strangely fascinating. Many questions go through my mind as I watch her stare at these weirdly long videos.

*Why do these people do this?

*Do they think people are really going to watch? (Yes they do! Some video’s have over 150,000 views!!!)

*Why have I completely become way to mesmerized watching these videos over my daughters shoulder in disbelief way too many times.

* Should I make one of these??

I can not talk about this odd trend without putting her favorite one below for your viewing pleasure. You’re  welcome.


**I have to mention I always am super close to her while she does this. I know how quickly YouTube can switch to something I would never want my little ones to see. (Thinking about the time a 50 shades of grey trailer started playing!)

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