My Ode to Zotz


 There was a candy from my childhood, that was amazing and always good.

I remember loving them lots and lots, they had a name, that name was Zotz.

Part hard candy part fizzy yum, If you don’t like them perhaps you are dumb.

While growing up they must have disappeared, I had not eaten one in years.

Recently in the store I saw them there, They looked amazing and I did stare.

I grabbed and bought them in a flash, I should have gotten more to put in my stash.

When I tasted one I remembered again, the fizzy deliciousness I enjoyed back then.

I thought to myself that I should share, with my four daughters that would only be fair.

I was about to hand them to my girls, but they were whining and not obeying the rules.

So I ran and hid to enjoy them in peace.  Knowing the screaming would never cease.

It’s better to eat treats alone, but not when your hiding place is on the bathroom throne.


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