How I survived Being Wifi-less.

For the last few days our Wifi has not been working and it has been quite the ordeal. I don’t know what has been worse. The internet not being available, or realizing how much I am affected by this.  It is quite depressing if I think about it that way.

It is not just me who was suffering. Try explaining to a two yr old what a commercial is when all she has ever known of is a magical thing called Netflix that always has the show she wants when she wants it. Yes, I understand you do not want to see a show about car insurance. Trust me that it will only last 30 seconds!!! It is not a show!

Do you know what the most pathetic part of this is? I still could use the internet on my iphone, but that was not good enough. What is this world coming too?

I was constantly texting my husband to let him know that it still was not working. Like somehow that would fix it. I did get a funny dose of truth though when I accidentally texted my brother about it and he responded by saying

“1st world problem sister”

Yes, yes it was. I was bent out of shape because the only way I could check my facebook  was on a small screen versus  a larger screen. I was so distraught that I may have started belting out a certain song Mariah Carey style “I can’t live, if livings without wifi!”

You want to know something though? I really did get so much more accomplished during the day being wifi-less. Like actual laundry was done, and the huge sink of dishes piling up got washed and put away.

This has taught me to turn over a new leaf!! To discipline myself. To not feel the need to be online all the livelong day. to actually be more present!!!!

In much more important news though. The selfie stick I ordered just came in the mail!!!! Here is our first picture using it. Isn’t it awesome?? I must tell everyone!!

photo (6)


I think I may need an intervention.

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  • Whatever DeeDee Wants February 12, 2015, 10:19 PM

    Explaining what a commercial is, totally made me laugh. I hate when my son watches Nickelodeon because of their commercials…he wants everything they are selling.

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