Five Most Annoying Items Kids Choose at the Dollar Store.

Dollar store post

I am not above bribing. It has helped me quite often in this unknown terrain of parenting. It’s amazing what a trip to the dollar store can motivate kids to do. Want the floor to shine like the top of the Chrysler building? Promise a trip to the poor mans Disneyland. A store full of junk treasures priced at a dollar. From frequent trips to this wonderland for little ones I have noticed what my kids usually gravitate too and here are the five most picked items.

1. The gross slimy little things in all sorts of animals and fairy shapes that when placed in water grow 100 times there size. Ala jack and the beanstalk style: I see the appeal but think the nastiness of finding a gooey wad of one of these a month later when accidentally knocking over the water it resides in is gross.

2. The wannabe barbie mermaid doll that immediately loses all it’s limbs: My two yr old recently chose one of these and always has one hand full of the arms and torso and the other with the head and mermaid tail. The boobs also get squished but that’s nothing a pencil stuck in through the neck hole to push them back into perky shape can’t solve.

3. The tiny box’s of crafts: It looks oh so fun only to be opened up and realize you have to be the size of a mouse to actually be able to handle the little stickers or tiny bottles that colored sand is supposed to go in.

4. The candy section of delight: where you cringe when you think how long it has probably been sitting there and what it may do to your childrens teeth. Twenty year old jawbreakers anyone?

5. A jump rope: While this one is not annoying it does describe my parenting. My five yr old squealed in delight when she saw a stack of jump ropes at our last Dollar store free for all. Her lazy exhausted mom had not gotten one for her previously even though she had been jump roping with scarves every day for the last three months.

Looking at these is making me rethink my bribing technique’s.  Never mind, it’s only a dollar!!!



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  • Taralyn February 3, 2015, 11:22 AM

    We let our kids choose Christmas decorations for their rooms from the dollar store last year. It was hilarious. Certain children had better taste than other children. They loved it.

  • Jo Zumbrunnen February 4, 2015, 6:25 AM

    So funny and so true..

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