Drama From My Apps

I am an avid iphone user. When I say avid I mean completely and utterly addicted to the thing. So of course that means I have a lot of apps. I have the necessities like facebook, twitter, and instagram. Then I have other ones that are not so crucial to my daily life. When you think about it everything you can possibly think of has an app.

A few of my apps send me messages every little while. It is always weird to me when I look at my phone and see that I have  a message, not from someone I know but from an app. Its is kind of disappointing and makes me feel like I have no friends.

For instance, when I forgo my running regimen (which is always, I don’t even have a regimen) This message pops up.


Instead of feeling reminded I feel annoyed. Does this app even know what is going on in my life? Does it know that if I did have time to invest in myself the last thing I would be doing would be running? I would be at the salon getting a nice haircut or eating fancy chocolates while binge watching a new series on Netflix. Does this app know I have four kids and that it is freakin cold outside? I don’t think so.

Then there is this gem



Your not fooling anyone period tracker. This is not clever code. Hopefully you are not coming up with any other codes for more important organizations, because we would all be in big trouble if that’s that case.  Maybe you could get away with it if your app was not called pink pad. Not only have you told me something in a horrible way, but you reminded me that the next few days are not going to be fun at all. The fancy chocolates are much more needed now than ever!

I bet your thinking I should just delete these apps so I don’t have to deal with this nonsense. Your probably right, but then what would I have to blog about?



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