What to do With Book Shelves

So I recently acquired two bookshelves from my grandma. I had some ideas and was thinking I knew exactly what I wanted them for. I am sure your thinking books right? No that would be too simple.

If this was a design blog I would have beautiful pictures of the bookshelves  before and after. I probably would have painted and transformed them into amazing works of art. That did not happen

After having a  basket  full of shoes towering over by our front door. I thought I would put the book shelves by the door and put the shoes in them. I wanted to get cute wicker baskets and put them in the shelves and put the shoes in the baskets. Well the book shelves came and I had not gotten the baskets yet.

So my girls decided to do something about it and take charge. Here is what they came up with. They even made signs.

Here is a close up of what the signs say.

I think I have future celebrity interior designers for HGTV on my hands.

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  • Victoria S. July 6, 2011, 3:50 PM

    Those are cute bookshelves. We’d be filling them with books but you have a great solution too. I’d love a house filled with bookshelves.

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