Halloween Hangover

It is over! That crazy holiday where you work your butt off getting your kids all perfectly costumed in whatever they want. You have shopped all over the place finding just the right accessories and everything to make them adorable on Halloween and all you have to show for it is exhausted Kids and bags full of future dentist bills, candy.

The truth is I actually LOVE Halloween it is one of my favorites. This year was especially fun and included Mary Poppins, A Sock Hop girl and two adorable Flamenco dancers. What could be better??


Now that it is all over bring, on the candy! (Said while all my kids are sleeping of course. They won’t miss a few pieces.)








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  • Jo Zumbrunnen November 4, 2015, 6:43 AM

    I could use a couple of butterfingers
    Mine are all gone..

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