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before the school year started for my two oldest girls I decided I wanted to do two things better than I did last year and No one of them was not to change from my pj’s before driving them to school because that is just inevidable.

I wanted to make them better breakfasts and I wanted to do more creative things to their hair other than the regular ponytail and braid. While I have fallen off of the amazing hairstyles wagon a little bit the last week or so I wanted to share what has worked for me on the hair front.

I found this AMAZING website. I am probably the last to discover it but seriously is the best resource I have found for every hairstyle imaginable. The youtube videos alone are incredible!! SO I found a few hairstyles that I would be able to do and noticed what kind of things I would need. I went to a beauty supply store and stocked up, and although it is not super organized I made a bag with all of the things I needed, a rat tail comb, spray bottle, elastics and so on. It is so much easier to grab this bag in the morning and start doing their hair. Everything is in one place. It has been life changing!

I have not always been the best at doing hair go figure that I have 4 girls right? These tutorials have helped me so much! Although my version always comes out a little messier my girls have loved the new hairstyles I have done. They have favorites now and request them often. It has been fun to discover that I actually can do cute hairstyles! Here are one of my favorite tutorials

I let Squeal go on the website and choose her favorite. She chose this Bun Hawk right away and I have probably done her hair like this 30 times. It is totally listed for a crazy hair day or somthing but of course my Squeal loves it for every day and I have to say she totally rocks this look.

Here is a picture of her. How cute is she with this hairstyle?
What are your tips for doing your children’s hair? I would love some more!

*This is not a sponsored post or anythihg I just love this website!

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  • Robin @ Thank Your Body October 8, 2012, 9:57 AM

    It’s good to know there are resources like this. Once C gets older I’m sure she will be sad that her mom is so “uncool” when it comes to things like this. Maybe there is hope. :)

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