New Years Resolutions

So it is a new year as we all obviously know and the internet is a buzz with resolutions, one words, and fresh starts. I am no different. When a new year begins I love to get a brand spankin new notebook just for me. I fill up the first few pages with goals for my life, blogging, and so on. Do you know what happens to the rest of the pages? My kids draw pictures and scribble throughout the whole notebook. Who can resist a blank piece of paper. I even wrote a poem about a blank paper when I was about 12. Maybe someday I will share it. Lucky for you I could not find it.

On New years Eve my family and I decided to write our resolutions down. Shout who had gotten a huge sticker book for Christmas said we could each decorate our  new years resolutions paper with 7 stickers each. (How generous of her) I loved seeing what my girls and my husband came up with. Here’s a peek.



So Obviously Squeal got away with using way more than her allotted amount of stickers and although there is no resolutions on her sheet she looked very knowledgeable while doing it.

One of Shrieks resolutions was to not litter. I don’t think I have ever seen her litter before but I am glad she will not be doing that this year. She is smart to choose something she already does not do. I should have thought of that!

Shout’s resolution was to “Stop Saying Mean things” How can I hold her to this when regarding her sisters?!

I could not help but notice Brandon carefully picking out his sticker to create this gem below. On the bottom part of his resolutions he put a picture of each of the animal stickers  pooping into a mug then the cute girl is drinking from the mug. it has a thought bubble that is not in the picture it says, “yum Chocolate.” Can you tell he teaches Jr. High? props to him that he did this only using 7 stickers. You can also see one of his resolutions is to learn more guitar. Be jealous ladies he is a great at the guitar. Something I have always loved! Makes up for the poop sticker thing huh!?! I sure think so.


My Number one resolution is to spend less time staring at a screen. I know I use my iphone and iPad too much and realized this the other day when I picked up a framed picture of my sweet Grandma and tried to enlarge it by touching it and moving my fingers to make it bigger!! I wish I was joking!

What is your number one resolution for 2013?



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  • Whatever DeeDee Wants January 11, 2013, 6:15 PM

    I like your resolution! During this pregnancy I haven’t been on the computer as much as normal and it feels good :)

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