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I interrupt my regular programming for a really great giveaway. One of the reasons I have not been doing very many giveaways is that lately I have been wanting to focus more on writing, I love telling stories. This giveaway goes right along with that.

Family History

Nothing is better than a good story. Think about your best ones and odds are your family is in it, Or that it should be told often and recorded so future ancestors of yours can learn all about you.  Family stories play an important role in your genealogy.

I have been interested in learning more about how to research my family tree. There just happens to be an amazing conference that is completely devoted to all things family history.

RootsTech is an inspiring family history and technology conference that takes place in Salt Lake City Feb 12th-14th. There really is something for everyone. Here are a few things I am most excited for.

*One of the key note speakers is one of my all time favorites Donny Osmond I would be lying if I said I was not most excited for this! I have loved Donny for a very long time so much so that I have attended concerts and have seen him on Broadway. I even have an autographed picture of him from 15 years ago. (pictured below) you probably can’t read what it says from this picture so I will tell you. It says “to Carly LOVE Donny Osmond.”  I am shocked that I have this still but will preserve it so my future ancestors know my true fandom for Donny. (ok back to topic) Other speakers include Laura Bush, Jenna Hager (Laura Bush’s daughter) and many others.


*There are lots of beginning classes on family history to choose from. From tech savvy ways to do your genealogy to ways to remember your stories and document them. This conference covers everything.

*Fun events are included as well as an expo hall with everything you need to kickstart working on your family tree.

RootsTech Giveaway (3)

Want to win a three day getting started pass to rootstech valued at $49? Enter through the form below. Also if you already have a getting started pass you can still enter and if you win be reimbursed. Winner will be e-mailed a certificate with instructions on how to redeem the pass.
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  • Victoria @obSEUSSed February 2, 2015, 1:02 AM

    I keep hearing about this conf. and my mom has been the past two years and has taught me a few things I never knew. I’d love to go. On the site it looks like there are over 300 classes. Very overwhelming. The starter pass looks perfect for this year.

  • Sandra February 2, 2015, 1:42 PM

    I like that it has hands on exploration.

  • Alison Gibb February 3, 2015, 11:02 PM

    Hi Carly,

    I live in Boston, MA, so I can’t enter your giveaway. But, I had to leave a message after I read this post. When I was growing up, I was in love with Donny Osmond. I was part of his fan club. Best yet, Donny and I share the same birthday ( December 9 ) I thought we were meant to be!! Tell him I said Hi!!


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