When ya gotta go, ya gotta go

We had a crazy busy Saturday. It started with my girls participating in a children parade. They did such a good job and were such troopers in the exhausting heat. After that was a huge children festival for all the kids. adorned with every type of bouncy house ever created. We spent awhile there letting the girls bounce and participate in games. they had so much fun

When we had had enough it was time to go back to the car that was parked forever away because of how crowded it was for the parade. We were all ornery and tired. all done with a capitol D the walk was so far that we decided to sit on the grass and my husband go get the car and come back. Isn’t it great when husbands do this? I felt so well taken care of. while he walked off Shout started the potty dance and saying she had to go right now. “Can i just go right here?” she asked umm we were at the side of the road on a busy street so that was not a possibility. Just as I said to her she would have to hold it in I saw IT. Like it appeared out of no where. Behold it’s beauty.

I swear that I had not noticed it before! Not that I am in love with tiny plastic stinky bathrooms. But at that moment it was just what we needed. Life got much better after that. I never thought that a port potty would ever be the hero of the day.


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  • T July 20, 2010, 8:00 PM

    normally I’m opposed to port-a-potties. vehemently. but apparently they do serve a purpose.

    I still can’t stand when they have cutesy names one them like “Almost Home” and “Honey Bucket”

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