The Winter Blah’s

Squeal Passed out asleep after sledding yesterday.

The last few weeks have been bitterly cold in Utah causing me to want to stay indoors with my little family and never get out of my pj’s. There is something that is a little depressing about not leaving your house. A big case of the blah’s set in when you start to realize your life is about breaking the Guinness world record for the amount of times you can watch the same children’s movie over and over again. Right now it’s a tie between The Lorax and Tinker Bell, Secret of the wings thanks to Netflix of course .


I would rather do anything than tackle the insane amount of laundry piled up at the bottom of the stairs I did happen to luck out when I  realized I can’t even do it if I wanted too because the pipes in the laundry room which is in the back of our garage are frozen. What? Thats not considered lucky to anyone else? To me it sure is. That just proves how much I hate doing laundry.


For the last few weeks it seems the only time I have gotten out of the house is to drive my girls to school and to pick them up. When can this cold weather end? I really long for the time when I can send my kids outside to play and when the grass is actually visible again. I usually do not mind winters. Something is always beautiful about white snow. I think it is just the cold that is bothering me more than usual. It is so isolating. I do not like to bring Squeak out in the cold and constantly worry about her catching an illness.


When Shout was two months old she got RSV. We had to spend 5 days in the hospital and I think after seeing one of my babies struggle with breathing and dealing with all the nasty gunk in their lungs I can honestly say it has made me a paranoid mother. One of those moms that does not enjoy strangers grabbing my babies hands and such. It is pretty much impossible to stop my girls that have colds from kissing Squeak. It’s a full time job to try to stop them! They just love her to death. Which is a good thing… most of the time.


Can we also talk about girls being drama for a second? A few days ago we thought one of Shriek’s fish had died, it looked like it was stuck in a plant and it was not moving.  Whaling and gnashing of teeth began. “How could this happen??” Shriek Screamed, “everything is horrible, I have a horrible life!!”  After the girls left the room Brandon, who I make do ALL the fish stuff went in to take care of “Minnie” When he went to scoop the poor fish it wiggled out of the plant and started swimming everywhere. Shrieks reaction? A tiny smile and a calm “oh good” then she was on to something else. REALLY?  I was at least hoping for a hallelujah or something! Am I ever going to get used to the insane amount of drama?


All I can say is spring can not come soon enough!



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  • Brandie January 22, 2013, 6:08 PM

    I have the blahs too. This stinking cold is KILLING me! Today was really bad for me. I just sat around all day!And I also hate laundry. That’s a serious understatement! And I have two girls and the drama just gets worse the older they get ugh ugh ugh! We should hang out!!!

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