Signs Your Child Has Taken Over Your iPad

I got an iPad about a month or two before Squeak was born. I sold a few things on ebay so that we could afford it and I knew it would be great for those middle of the night nursing sessions. I was so excited. I had wanted one for a very long time and could not wait to use it tons. It seems like my oldest daughter Shriek could not wait to use it tons either. She loves it just as much of me and has kind of been hogging it big time. Here are the signs that made me come to the conclusion that my iPad had been completely taken over by my child.


 Signs that your child has taken over your iPad.

*You keep getting messages on it from all of her apps saying things like ” Your animals are hungry time to feed them”, or “Your garden needs to be harvested”


*When looking at google you see that the last search typed in was “Pretty pink cute dolphins” or “Most adorable puppy ever”


*It is always in your childs possession and she knows wherever it is when you can’t find it


*The most viewed youtube video is of her favorite song with the lyrics that she has since memorized and sings constantly. You now have it memorized as well as your husband and three year old and probably anyone passing by your house that hears it. ( I have to admit the song is pretty catchy)


*This is the picture when you turn on your iPad

*This is the picture behind all of your her apps.
*Here is what the majority of the pictures in your photo album are of


So if any of theses are true your child has indeed taken over your iPad.

Anyone else have this happen to them with an electronic item or something else that they have?

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