Purple Day



As a mom you are prepared for bad days and good days, lack of sleep, and preparing a billion boxes of mac and cheese, but when I signed up for this mom gig I don’t think I expected the drama that can come at the drop of a hat. The drama that can rear it’s ugly face so quickly it can take your breath away.



For example A week or so ago I was preparing my four year old for preschool. It was purple day. We were in luck!  My daughter has many purple outfits. There was just one problem. The one and only purple shirt with stars adorning it. the only one that she actually wanted to wear was missing.

The tantrums begun. I even looked in our black hole of a laundry room. No where could I see this precious purple shirt. My daughter now in a heap yelled that she could not attend preschool because of this predicament, The screaming that can come from my very petite daughter was quite monstrous!

After a few hours she finally settled on a gray shirt with a girl on it who had purple hair, a purple skirt and purple leggins. I was exuasted but got through it because I knew once I dropped my daughter off I could come back home and put my baby and myself down for a nap. There was going to be silver lining after all.


As we pulled into the parking lot she was all smiles and ready to start her purpleicious day. We greeted her preschool teacher who promptly mentioned as I was about to tiptoe out of the room. “Where is your purple item to put on the purple wall?

I officially give up!

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