My Strangest Quirk

So because today is admit your strangest quirk day I thought I would go ahead and…….. Wait, you mean it is not admit your strangest quirk day? Well I might as well divulge anyways.


When I get really mad at my kids, when they keep asking me the same questions over and over and over again and when they don’t let me finish one task from beginning to end all the live long day some times my response is in song. Yes you read that correctly, not a happy song like I want my life to be a cute musical but a loud dramatic think operatic song  without the falsetto . I don’t know why I do this. Perhaps I feel it is more tame than yelling, maybe I just want to drive my kids crazy, but it happens. Not all the time mind you. just on days where my nerves are on edge and nothing more sane comes to mind.

While singing phrases like “No you can’t have another fruit snack!” I totally question my sanity but honestly it happens like a reflex. I can’t help myself. Maybe I just want to make sure I am heard and boy does it work. My kids usually look at me super strange and probably think , There she goes again. The future therapist they will need to go to because I am their mother probably  won’t believe them when they tell them they had a mom who sings responses to them when she was upset.

It does get my aggression out so it can’t be all that bad. I also think it  is much better than screaming my guts out. You should totally try it. I may even market it as a self help book titles “How to Yell at Your Kids Through Song”…… Yeah maybe not.

What is one of your strangest quirks? I am dying to know!


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  • Jo Zumbrunnen June 25, 2014, 10:42 AM

    As Mom’s we have to do what works..
    However I think you might be on to something..

  • Michal July 21, 2014, 9:24 AM

    This is brilliant and I am going to try it! I have been trying to think what my strangest quirk is…I am going to ask Shawn and get back to you. Ladies night soon!

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