My Pandora Predicament

I love Pandora. I discovered it long after everyone on the planet already knew what it was, but just in case you don’t it’s this website (also an app on your iPhone) that you can type in a genre of music or artist or favorite song and it creates a music station for you. With that style of music. Very cool.

I love that I can find awesome new music. I love it’s selections. It is the perfect soundtrack to my Dance cleaning and it just seriously rocks my world!

Lately I found myself with a problem. We got a new computer for Christmas that replaced our 10 year old one, so I sometime prefer to listen to the music on it instead of using headphones with my iPhone, also so my girls can clean dance and groove with me if I use the computer because we can put the music through speakers.

The problem is that on the website version of Pandora they include the entire lyrics to every song they play. So instead of getting up off of my tush and getting some things accomplished around the house, I end up having a mini Karaoke concert with myself and my computer singing all the lyrics to every single song. It is not very productive to say the least. Here is a screen shot of an awesome song that I belt out in my so not Adele’s voice so you know what I mean.

Doesn’t everyone love the satisfaction of being able to sing every single lyric of every single song at the top of there lungs?? Well I sure do.

I think I desperately need somebody to invite me to go do Karaoke with them. That might help my problem.

I also dare everyone to try this, it’s so much fun and quite addicting.

I was tempted to make a video of myself doing this so you all could see but I  totally chickened out. Maybe someday I will. (Like if someone gets me a Slurpee)


*this is so not sponsored I just like this website a lot.

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  • Carina Olsen April 24, 2012, 9:36 PM

    You totally crack me up. Come to Texas and I’ll sing with you. :0)

  • Victoria @obSEUSSed April 24, 2012, 10:32 PM

    I love pandora on my ipod but now that I know the lyrics are on the PC I need to start listening that way. I love singing along too. You should try making the music video still. Check out Stacey from Not Just A Housewife. She showed her music video at SNAP. And she sings new words, not lipsynching. If she can do it, you totally can! I’d love to see you and your girls having fun. We missed you at SNAP. Hope you’re feeling well.

  • Jessica April 25, 2012, 10:09 AM

    I always make up my own words to songs and then I sing them. The kids plug their ears.

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