My Least Favorite Chore

I hate all chores I really do, but one that has become one of my least favorites recently is taking out the garbage. It’s heavy, our garbage truck comes super early….ect. I have dubbed it my husbands job but he gets a little forgetful  Thursday mornings. So instead of just taking out the garbage myself the night before I set a few alarms on his phone for right before he leaves for work because I am usually still sleeping. The problem was I set them for P.M. instead of A.M. so they went off while he was teaching night classes. I felt bad, but it seemed to work because I was in “not having to take out the garbage bliss” for a few weeks. This last Thursday it happened again.

Oh the dread I felt. I know it should not be a big deal but oh I really hate it! I needed to come up with another plan. This took a little help from my 4 yr. old who became my photographer for this project. I texted him the following picture.



Yes I know, my acting skills are superb, and my plaid pajama bottoms are ultra appealing.  I must not of been too convincing though because This is what he texted me back.

“Your funny. At least I gave you a great blog post”

He knows me too well. Glad I could at least be his entertainment for the day! I am still hoping this lasting image helps him every week to remember to take out the trash or I will have to get even more creative.

Who knows what I will come up with next!!



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  • Lucky Red Hen October 28, 2013, 10:39 AM

    Haha! I love that he realized it would become a blog post! And GREAT JOB four-year-old photographer :)

  • Summer October 28, 2013, 1:45 PM

    I hate this chore so much as well – luckily for me my husband remembers 90% of the time. Our garbage pickup is on Monday. So since we are home all day Sunday it is easy to remember to get it out there. There were a few times he forgot and you know what – the garbage didn’t get taken out. Made for a real smelly and extra full garbage can the next week.

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