Instant Hot Water

I love a good long hot shower. Who Doesn’t? Especially after a long day chasing the kids. Doing everything they need over and over and over again. Too bad Having a Hot shower in my house takes a masters degree to figure out! Instant Hot Water is a fantasy I will never have! Let me explain the difficulty of the one and only shower in our Condo.

First of all I love where we live. This is the first place we have ever owned. Although we are scrunched and mushed into this condo I love that it is ours. We have one bathroom for the 5 of us well, Squeal is not potty trained yet so pretty much one bathroom for the 4 of us. It is very difficult to have any privacy at all! It is especially hard to take a shower.There are rules to this shower, if you are too greedy the hot water will run out so fast you won’t even have enough time to lather rinse or repeat.

The umpire knows the secret. He is the Shower Whisperer. He can make the hot water last for forever. He tried to share his shower secrets with me but I have yet to figure them out. The Umpire also holds a masters degree from the U of U thus my previous statement that it takes a masters degree to take a hot shower. I am convinced that is the reason he is so good at it.

He tries to tell me that if I have the shower going really lightly with the cold water than put the hot on that it will last longer. But I hate a low flow shower! It is not as relaxing or enjoyable at all. I guess my dreams of a long hot shower just are not meant to be.

Do you have any quirks about the place you live?

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  • Gwen November 2, 2010, 6:42 AM

    I have a lovely kitchen. It’s my favourite room in the house because it’s so full of life, decorated with the children’s art, and painted yellow. It brings me joy. Having said that, there are too few cupboards. We’d be okay if we didn’t have kids, but we do, and their plates/bowls are put away with such precision in order to make room for ALL of them. Which is fine. Until I need to use a plate. Then it’s a massive game of Jenga. Jenga is not my strong suit, and every single plate comes crashing down. Almost EVERY SINGLE DAY! I think a childless man must have designed the cupboards…

  • T November 2, 2010, 8:59 AM

    showers should be steamy hot and the water should be pelting me with unprecedented fierceness!

    my house? the front window is not quite centered… from the inside it’s 9″ off center and from the outside it’s slightly worse… what’s the deal with that?!?! and the basement stairs were installed in the worst possible place – making it nigh unto impossible to refinish the basement in any logical way – and my master bedroom closet is ridiculous… a tiny L shape… because apparently that other chunk (which would have jutted above the basement stairs in their current location but would have been usable if the stairs had turned like I want) is more usable as air space. Tell that to my dresses.

    okay, I’ll stop. and maybe I’ll look into therapy :)

  • Losing Brownies November 2, 2010, 10:51 AM

    I hate a low flow shower too! Our water tank is really small so that hot water goes fast. I love our place though. Its a great starter home.

  • Steph November 2, 2010, 8:52 PM

    My front door will shut all the way… but it takes a little force. I have no issues shutting it but I love when friends come over and pretty much have to linebacker it to close.

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