Golf Carts

I try to be a little bit creative when it comes to presents for my Dad so This year for fathers day I thought I would spend some quality time with him out on the golf course. No I do not golf so I got him nine holes of golf with a golf cart and wait for it…. Me as the driver! Who would not want that as a present? If you do look no further I am definitely thinking of starting a golf cart chauffeuring business.

My gift may have been a tad self motivated Why you ask? Because I Love Golf Carts!! I think it started when I was little. we had this neighbor that had a golf cart, but not for golf. She rode it around the neighborhood. It was her go to vehicle. She would pass out fliers for church activities. give neighbor kids rides and everything it was spectacular.

So when it came time to take my dad golfing I did not even complain about getting out of bed and being ready at six in the morning. Why? Because I knew I would get to drive this beauty.

It drove like a champ. Think of how cool I would look driving my daughter to school in one of these. Three words. Coolest Mom Ever.

*I hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July! Mine will be spent eating awesome food and enjoying family time! I love the fourth and that we are able to do these fun things because of our freedoms.

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  • Meghan July 4, 2011, 6:17 AM

    I, too, love golf carts. We have one at the campground & I ride it any chance I get…my 4yo old likes to stand in the middle & yell “im the King of the world!”

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