Costco is my Sanctuary

So it is no surprise. Lots of people like Costco. it is an amazing warehouse full of goodness and prosperity right? I went to Costco tonight and I think I now maintain the record of the least amount of money spent there at one time. Usually it is hard for me to get out of there under a hundred dollars. Tonight sixteen dollars! and that included a hot dog, a churro and a smoothy! I should put a picture of my receipt on here so you all believe me. but I won’t. All I purchased was a watermelon and apple juice, see, I don’t even have to buy a lot of stuff there to make me happy. Just walking on it’s cement floors eying the giant size versions of everything you could imagine is enough to soothe my soul! (Am I getting a little too dramatic? No? ok I’ll go even further!)

A while back when my husband and I were at Costco I saw pamphlets there for caskets and I told my husband  that I want to be buried in a Costco casket and he could hire the sample people to come so no one would be hungry at my funeral (ok the casket part is true but I just made up the part about wanting to hire the sample people but I think I want that now for reals!) Anyways I could not remember if I had really seen the casket pamphlets so I looked it up on the website and it even gets better. There is a Casket on there website called The Edward Now I happen to be a team Jacob girl myself but still that one would totally work!

Just now I did not capitalize Costco and spell check let me know that I needed too, See! Even spell check knows how important Costco is! I know I am not trying to convince anyone how wonderful Costco is because everyone already knows that fact. Seriously how many places can you buy a container of mayonnaise big enough to fill up a kiddie pool and a diamond ring at the same time? No where else!

**I am not affiliated with Costco nor was I paid to pour my heart out about how it completes me!

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***** That is all.

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  • Nils "Mr. Mom" August 5, 2010, 1:19 PM

    We love Costco too! You can’t beat the hot dogs! $1.50 incl. a drink! Costco rocks!

  • one cluttered brain August 6, 2010, 12:39 AM

    YES, Costco does sound like a winner. We yet to have got a member card. We will.

  • Jessie C. August 6, 2010, 12:51 AM

    Your post made me laugh so loud, a classic!
    I am a Costco junkie.

  • Keya August 6, 2010, 6:24 AM

    I love your blog title! I was just thinking the other day how mellowed out I’ve become this summer–that is when the kiddies aren’t making me scream! Happy Friday. Saw you at Blog Hop. Following you. Would love a follow back.

  • Sharina August 7, 2010, 10:38 AM

    LOL, this made me laugh…and I love the title of your blog. I knew my 3 kids weren’t the only one to find it necessary to scream all the time.

    New follower, found you from BlogHop, hope you visit me sometime :)

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