I should start by saying that in my humble home nothing ever stays nice. When I am in a nice store with breakables instead of saying “oooh and aaah I want to buy that!” I automatically think to myself how long the item would last in my house and then predict exactly how it would be destroyed by my kids.

This makes my children sound like ruthless terrors. They are not. They just have a way of breaking things on accident a lot (Is that a nicer way of putting put it?) Sometimes they are also hard to get mad at. For example when Shriek wrote all over the garbage can that she loved her family. How can you get mad at that?

Since it is Christmas I thought I would share a Christmas object that has been broken recently

well more like beheaded. Meet Frosty.

Here is the saddest part of the story. I am the one that broke him! So it is not just my kid’s that wreck all of our stuff after all. The snowman was beside our tree on the tree skirt. The tree skirt was dirty so I went to grab it to throw it in the wash when the snowman  tipped over. I guess I was trying to do the trick where you pull the table cloth off really fast and all the dishes stay in the exact same spot. I am so intelligent.

I  did not have the heart to get rid of frosty and recycling is always a  good thing I thought of an alternate use for him.

Not morbid at all right?  Now if my kid’s have nightmares of headless snowmen at least I’ll know why.

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  • T December 17, 2010, 10:04 AM

    reduce, re-use and recycle – taken to a kind of creepy extreme… I love it!!!

  • Old School/New School Mom December 18, 2010, 7:00 PM

    Oh man, kids destroy everything! That’s hilarious!

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