Back to School, My Little Pony Style

All of my daughters love My Little Pony, especially my oldest. They love the show, they love the toys, they especially love the songs. I have to admit they are pretty dang catchy. I have caught myself singing them  many  a few times at the most.

She loves the show so much that this summer she has even been copying the lyrics of all of the songs into a notebook by hand. I am talking pages and pages of my little pony lyrics. That is dedication. It actually reminds me of when I was young a friend and I each went to our homes ands listened to I saw the sign, by Ace of Base over and over again on a cassette player (I am old, but at least it wasn’t an 8 Track) and then copying the lyrics only to realize when we compared notes that we both heard entirely different lyrics. It was hilarious. I still love that song and have been known sing it in karaoke a few times, but enough about me.

My daughter wanted a my little pony back pack more than anything. A quick google search came up with many options. One caught her eye immediately. After we said no because of the price my husband glanced at it again the next day and saw that it was on sale for a lot less. We ordered it and the waiting followed. Everyone that came in contact with my daughter knew she was waiting for this backpack. This was not just any backpack, it had a very unique feature that I have to be honest I was a little nervous about.

Low and behold, here it is.

My Little Pony

That’s right, a built in hood makes you instantly be Rainbow Dash ready for an adventure. I have to say I am glad for the pocket that the hood fits into for days she is not feeling quite so Rainbow Dashy. She was so excited and loved it instantly. What little girl wouldn’t?

Can we also focus on the bottom right picture as well. It was one of the tags attached to the back pack and while I have heard of Brony’s I just don’t get the fact that guys are spending money on my little pony merchandise for themselves.

I am nervous to find out how much she likes using her new back pack and wonder what her friends will say. Mostly I am glad that my daughter feels comfortable being who she is and bringing a little fun to an otherwise somewhat boring school accessory.

So Bring it Fifth grade my ten year old cutie is ready for you!

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