An unwanted visitor in our chimney (No, it was not Santa)


About a month ago my husband was up late watching TV in our basement when he heard a scurry noise and an animal fall down our chimney. Now, it was not in our house the flu was closed but it was in our chimney for sure.  This freaked him out and he promptly went to bed. Yeah, I don’t know why he did that and  how he could have slept after that. I probably would have cried all night in a heap.

When he told me what happened the next morning I had no idea what to do next. We have only been home owners for six months. Who are you going to call? (I am glad that I was smart enough to know that it was not ghostbusters)

We called a chimney sweep company who appropriately was named after a line in Mary Poppins. The guy arrived in a top hat of course. I was not there when he was working on our chimney and I still do not believe the top hat part  but my family insists that my baby even tried on said top hat. Anyways. He cleaned out our chimney from top to bottom. The animal (Raccoon, cat, monkey? Who knows!) was not residing in there at the time and the chimney sweep put a cap on both of our chimneys. I was still a tad freaked out because we only saw the paw prints of the animal going in our chimney and not out. How freaky is that?

Everything has been fine but I still tend to worry about it every once in awhile I have my hands full with my four daughters at the moment and really do not want to add a wild animal to the mix.


*Photo from wikipedia

*UPDATE: Just discovered mice as well!! AAAGH




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