My Picky Eater Story #TysonPickyEaters

With four daughters you would think we would have one or more kids that is a very picky eater. Well we do have one and her name is Squeal, she is almost four years old. She has been picky from the get go and it can definitely be a struggle. While her sisters are constantly trying new foods and complimenting my  superb  mediocre cooking skills Squeal is the one with the great big frowny face asking for something different.

I have been trying many different ways to get her to eat different foods. sometimes I try the bribe. If you just try a bite I’ll make you something different (It has to be super simple and easy to fix though).  Can you believe that I sometimes have to do this with fruit? What a stinker she is! The more I do try I have noticed that she does do a little better in trying and enjoying new foods.

I have also learned not to stare at her while she is trying the new food. If I act like it is a big deal she won’t try it at all and I think it makes her nervous when all eyes are on her. We all have to look away and pretend to be normal. In a family full of crazies that can be pretty difficult.

I guess we are all bound to have at least one picky eater in all of our families. I do know certain foods that Squeal loves more than anything and Chicken Nuggets, particularly Tyson (we have tried all the brands) is her very favorite. I like knowing that Tyson chicken nuggets are made from 100% all natural ingredients. That they has no preservatives or fillers and zero grams of trans fat.

She really loves them. They are super easy for her to grab, dip and pop in her mouth. She calls them Chicken nugs. Which I think is pretty darn adorable.

Right now on Tyson’s Facebook page They are giving away free cute plates where your child can arrange their food on the plate to make a smiley face. I know my girls would really love doing that. Shows it is not so bad to play with your food after all.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tyson Chicken Nuggets. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Sweepstakes Rules.

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