My Favorite Items from Trader Joe’s

It has officially been a little over a year since Trader Joe’s graced Utah with it’s presence and I will never be the same. Their delicious treats and fresh food have made me all sorts of happy.

Call me nuts but I just love that it has such great treats and fun foods to eat for not super expensive.  Because I recently visited and I have so many things I love that I buy. I thought I would share a few of my favorite items.

Trader Joe's


Cookie Butter: You guys this is good. When I first bought it I thought, what am I going to put it on? The answer is anything and everything. I love it on pancakes and on graham crackers.  I even put it in my no bake cookies instead of peanut butter and it was so good! I recently tried the chocolate swirl cookie butter and it did not live up to the original, too much chocolate and not enough of the cookie butter. Get  the original cookie butter and  you will not regret it. Also if your at Trader Joe’s grab the dark chocolate cookie butter candy bars on the check out stands. Those are my stress relievers after a crazy day with my four drama queens.


Peanut butter cups: Since I have tried these I can’t bring myself to ever eat that other popular brand again. They come in dark or milk chocolate and they are divine. I also like that they have tiny ones that you can use in cookies. They never have lasted that long for me to put them in a recipe though. I eat them too fast.


Peach salsa. I love this salsa! It is not spicey but super good. it tastes good on any of the fun tortilla chips thay have at Trader Joe’s and I just really love the flavor.


Parmesan cheese: This parmesan is already grated and in a small container. it makes any pasta or soup delicious! I swear I could eat it by the spoonfull. This is a must have in my fridge. It’s also good on pizza! again so much better than the regular grocery store kind that is not even refrigerated.


Pizza Dough; This one might be strange but Trader Joe’s sales Pizza dough for a little over a dollar. I use it for scones. They have other kinds with spices that would make awesome pizza dough. I have only tried the plain but love it because it’s such a easy delicious thing to make for breakfast.


Pumpkin pancake mix: This item is seasonal and seams like it will be available throughout the  holidays. The pancakes it makes are the best! You have to add a few more ingrediants like eggs, milk, and butter but oh my goodness they are delicious!


Premade Salads: Everytime I go to Trader joes I buy one of their small premade salads for lunch. They are fresh and come in tons of different kinds. It’s a healthy inexspensive lunch. I just hate how long it takes me to choose which salad I want.


Carbonated lemonades: My husband loves these and so do my kids it come in a fancy glass bottle and makes any meal fun. I think they are a little pricey but I get them for special occasions. They come in a few different flavors.


Honorable mentions: The Seasonal frosted Gingerbread cookies, chocolate oranges, Dark Chocolate sea salt caramels and My husbands favorite, the almond clusters.


There is so much more I love. I really have only tried a few things at Trader Joe’s that I did not like and that is the truth.

I am so glad their is a Trader Joe’s in Utah! It’s made life a lot  yummer ever since.


*Oh and this post is not sponsored at all!



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  • Jill @ BeingSpiffy December 13, 2013, 10:42 AM

    You had me at parmesan.

  • Taralyn December 13, 2013, 11:17 AM

    I’ve been looking for posts like this! I’ve never been to Trader Joe’s so I need a starting place or I’ll buy everything in the store. Thanks for sharing your favorites!

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