Survivors Ready!

As I have mentioned here before the Screamettes and I are huge Survivor fans. We love it! We have the best time watching it together, that is until they lose interest and start jumping all over me. I also make sure there is a treat each week while we watch as well because everything is better with a treat!

The new season started last night and we were ready. We even made round two of our own Survivor buffs. They turned out so much better than the last time I tried to make them! Like they actually function! I am so bad at crafts, and am reminded how terrible I am every time I try! (which is rare) Seriously, can some one just tell me to never try to make anything again? This time I found already made plain head wraps at a store. They are pretty much like the actual buffs. I then enlisted my husband once again to help me with the graphic and we printed them on fabric paper and ironed them on the buffs. I am so glad he humors me!




Don’t they look adorable? I hope they have fun memories of this when they are older and somehow forget the parts where I am yelling at them to stop talking and moving around so I can just watch the show!!



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