Summer is Ending


The summer is almost over.  It means my husband will be going back to work. He is a teacher and I got him for the whole summer.Yes I know I am one lucky lady! I am so glad he was home. With moving into a new house and all that brings I couldn’t have done it all without him, nor would I have wanted too.

As much as I have loved having him around the house we do both like to get back to our regular routine by the time school is ready to begin again. We tend to start getting on each others nerves just a tad. I can be a little crazy it’s true.

One thing about my husband is his many hobbies. This guy is productive and when he does not have a lot to do he definitely gets stir crazy. That is probably why we got so much done around the house. He painted tons and made our bare white walls have tons of personality. Even downstairs where we did not paint he set a makeshift green screen to film video’s for his spanish launguage You Tube channel. He also has worked countless hours on trying to get our dead lawn to grown green. It’s enough to make me  feel a little, let’s say lazy. ok a lot lazy.

The only thing I feel like I was productive with this summer was increasing my napping and sleeping in skills. Ok so I did do more than that. But summer just isn’t my season to shine. I do much better with a set schedule. Getting my kids ready for places they need to be. Lunches to pack, and so on. Don’t get me wrong I had a great summer with my husband and kids. We played and laughed and spent lots of time together. I will miss him like crazy, but there is something about the regularity of the school year that is looking appealing to me at the moment,

So bring on the school year and all of the organization it brings! I am ready!



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  • Michal Sarah August 14, 2013, 3:14 PM

    I need to come see the house now that is has been painted and everything. I am routine kind of person too…sometimes Shawn’s job isn’t the best for that, it can make me a little crazy :)

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