Our Car Feels Like Prison

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Want to experience one of the most stressful scenarios of parenting? Go in a car with all of your kids, drive to a parking lot and wait for your spouse to “run in the store real quick.”

A few weeks ago we all hopped in the car to run a bunch of mothers day errands. I knew one stop would require just one of us to run in the store instead of taking our whole crazy posse. That was my first mistake. Don’t ever submit yourself to being trapped in a box with all of your little people. It feels frighteningly similar to Houdini agreeing to being handcuffed underwater, but with no way knowing how to get out.

Take away everyone’s buffer space and it is bound to get ugly. The errand will always take longer than expected and each kid will quickly show you every annoying thing they are capable of very quickly.

After about 15 minutes of this I found myself trying to gain control over the situation by spurting out things I thought might help. This following phrase actually came out of my mouth.

“Freeze! You have the right to remain silent everything you say can or may be used against you in the court of Mom.”

Okay I did not say in the court of mom but that is a good addition right? Being stuck in a car with four kids could definitely be compared to prison.

Seeing my husband slowly saunter over back to the car felt like Christmas morning. My nightmare was finally over. Next time I will for sure take all of my kids into the store no matter what.

Expect to hear how awful that will turn out to be in an upcoming post.


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