How Many Days Are Left?

How many days are left? That is the question I hear day after day after day. I also here in a whiny and exhausted tone. “Christmas is taking FOOORRREEVVEER!”

They have loved the Advent quilt but maybe it reminds them too often that their are still days left till the big day.

I remember being that excited. I love that having young kids brings a whole new and different excitement to the holiday. Now if we can just make it to Temple Square to see the lights, Make ginger bread houses, go sledding, build a snowman and Sing every Christmas song ever written till we are blue in the face it will be a great Christmas (Just writing all of that made me tired) Not everything will end up being marked off that list but that is just fine with me.

Speaking of Christmas songs I really think that the Screamette’s are getting sick of hearing me belt out the song all I want for Christmas. They were almost in tears today telling me to stop. that is never a good sign.

With all this talk about Christmas I can’t help but remember was it is all really about. This message is so neat and helps me realize what is the most important.

I hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas!

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  • one cluttered brain December 21, 2010, 9:12 PM

    i love this video too!
    Sweet. thanks for sharing!

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