Hatchimal Hell

full3My two youngest daughters are killing me this year! No it’s not because they fight like crazy, or won’t let me pee alone, It also is not because they are so picky that there diet consists of pancakes and chicken nuggets. The reason that gets me all kind of crazy is that they both want a Hatchimal for Christmas! Sounds simple enough right? WRONG!

Here is the thing. I do not want to to get them one just because they are the IT toy of the year. They really are something my littles would LOVE. A few years ago My now 7 year old pined for a toy called cuddles the monkey it has seriously creepy eyes and is what nightmares are made of, it is one of those electronic toys that make noise like it is real . The both still love it and plays with it constantly at the moment it is in a baby stroller where they pretend it is their child.  Satans Child is more like it but anyways because of this I know that the Hatchimals would get played with a ton.


The problem is they are completely unrealistic to find and I have found myself in Hatchimal Hell becoming a prisoner to my iphone just waiting for an automated text I get when they are instock anywhere to buy online. I first panic and try the link as fast as I can. Most of the time they are sold out already, ocasionally I can get one in my cart until checkout when it mysteriously dissapears and the price is jacked up to four times more! I am not going to pay $200 for a $50 toy! I have told my girls the odds are slim they will get one for Christmas and that they will mostly likely have to wait intil after Christmas, but I am still holding out hope!

I have also tried to buy them in stores. There is a tracker for all the Targets the problem is you have to start standing in line atleast at 4am in the teen degree weather to buy one at 8am! No thanks! My kids are also leaving for school at that time so it just does not work. It sucks!

I looked on the classifieds ad locally and they are all selling them for way more than they are worth! The people in the ads are hoodlums holding childrens toys hostage for a ransom that is insane!!! What I really need is a Hatchimal Hostage negotiator!! If you know any please send then my way!


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