A Little This and That

I thought I would share a few things going on in the Scream household. It is busy and I am so not adjusted to this four kids business. There is always something I am forgetting about. Wether it’s the certain color of snacks I was supposed to send with Shout for her class or the Poster board that Shriek needed for an assignment. I am feeling a little flakey for sure. Hopefully I will be able to get my act together soon! Please someone tell me that this does get easier!

The First day of school happened without a hitch and I have yet to drive the girls to school in my Pj’s yet. Which is crazy knowing that last year it was normal to see my in my red and white polkadot pajama bottoms driving towards the school. I don’t know how much longer that record will last. They love school even though it has been an adjustment for shout with her being gone all day. She gets pretty sleepy and was telling me that recess was too much work. I seriously love that child! What a hoot. She is finally a little more adjusted and loving her teacher and class.

I cannot believe how much Squeak has grown. She is now almost four months old! I say this a lot but I really think for how hard pregnancy and giving birth is that babies should stay teeny tiny longer. She has been so much fun and her little smiles and coos will NEVER get old.


This is a little taste of Squeaks every day life. She is loved a little too much usually by her big sister Squeal. I know Squeals heart is in the right place but oh my goodness if I was Squeak I think I would learn to defend myself asap!

If I got a dollar every time I had to tell Squeal to stop mauling her sister we would be able to have a mega shopping spree at the Dollar store, Thats for sure!

I am so looking forward to the fall, sweaters, apple cider, halloween, and hopefully me getting used to the craziness four drama girls brings. Would love some tips on how you remember everything in your life. Is it even possible?


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  • Jessica September 17, 2012, 9:10 AM

    I only have half the kids you do, and I feel like I run on empty most of the time. Squeak is absolutely freaking adorable. I cant believe its already been four months!

  • Crissy September 17, 2012, 1:21 PM

    Great photos! I also love those A+A blankets, we use them every day!

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