Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

We don’t do a ton of extracurricular activities. Times everything by three and after you go grab your calculator (Because I have to do it that way) and do the math it is a whole lot of money! I do like to put the kids into activities that are in sessions or have a beginning and ending. So it is not all year around. It’s a little less crazy on the pocket book by choosing maybe two sports or activities a year and they get to try all different kinds of things. My two oldest just got done playing Softball. They are close enough in age that we put them on the same team and oh my, were they cute.

girls softball


Me, a non sports person in every way quickly became an avid spectator. I loved watching my girls go up to bat and tried not to be too embarrassing while wooing and screaming their names. Only once did I accidentally slip up and call one of them honey really loudly. They really enjoyed the season and even though they had to miss a few games because we were in the middle of moving at the time they really got into it.

Because of this I knew they would be super excited when we as a family got to go to a Salt Lake Bees. baseball game  for a bloggers night. I’ll just say again that I am not a huge sports person especially watching it on TV but I LOVE going to baseball games! Don’t ask me who played, don’t ask me the score, but we had the best time! The weather was beautiful, My favorite thing was watching the kids take it all in.

The Bees


Oh and the concessions!! Those are the best. The amazingly loaded hot dogs and the puffy cloud like cotton candy.


We were in heaven.  When my girls started getting a little restless in the seats we took them on the other side of the field where they have this huge grassy area. Behind the grassy hill is an awesome playground with bouncy houses and everything. My girls loved running free!


There is nothing like a nice summer night at a Baseball game and The Bees did not disappoint. My girls immediately asked if we could go back to another game. I know we will be making this a yearly event! Even if I do not end up knowing who played or how the game ended. Those are just trivial details anyways, right?

*I received free tickets for The Bees and concession vouchers, but was not required to post about my experience. All opinions are my own.

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