Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Loom

We  recently succumbed to the Rainbow Loom fad. It’s a plastic loom thing that you stretch tiny rubber bands on too to make lovely bracelets. I had been seeing fun things about it through instagram and Facebook and thought my girls and I would have some peaceful fun as we made bracelets out of tiny  rubber bands while singing and contemplating the meaning of life.

You can probably guess that our bracelet making was not quite as I pictured it was going to be. They both wanted to use it at the same time. Drama then followed. We ended up going and buying another one  because expecting our 10 and 8 yr old daughters to take turns was like expecting the toothfairy to leave the money the first night a tooth is under the pillow at our house. Don’t think of me as too much of a softy though they are not too expensive and I liked the idea of them learning something new, and well… Ok I am probably a softy.

Suffice it to say we have a numerous amounts of bracelets that  we all are wearing including the baby, my husband and all of the dolls.

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