Our Epic Spring Break

Our spring break this week was about as epic as watching paint dry. I mean that in the best way I promise. Some times that is exactly what is needed. It meant sleeping in every day and staying in our pajamas until the afternoon most days. The weather was gloomy, but that did not stop our fun, lazy week at home.

If you asked my kids what they loved about spring break they would definitely mention the craft they were obsessed with most of the time. Perler beads. Its tiny plastic beads in all colors that you place on a small plastic peg board. You can make anything you want and the possibilities are endless! Just google Perler beads and your minds will for sure be blown. After you have carefully placed approximately 500 or more tiny beads on a board you try not to ruin your creation while you put wax paper on top and iron them until they are all melted together to form a piece of plastic that resembles something you could win at an arcade for a million tickets. So completely worthless but fun none the less!

Perler BeadsI had an inkling my husband would equally enjoy this activity and that is the understatement of the year. He pearler beaded his brains out making nerdy pop culture replicas such as Mario, Link, and toad to name a few. I also had fun with it but am not near patient enough for the detailed works of art he did. I also had a tough time narrowing down what to make!


My girls made so many fun cute things. I loved watching them make varied masterpieces using patterns and also there own imaginations. My youngest had the best time spilling the beads everywhere I am sure for years to come we will still be finding the beads all over the house.

I realized this week that sometimes you just need to stop doing anything important and spend time on something fun and mindless.

My husband also downloaded old school Dr Mario on our Wii. Talk about time waste of the century. I am a huge fan of that tetris like game! Thats where you could find us late at night, Dr Mario tournaments where he was the champion most of the time. I sure love that guy I married. He works so hard for us and it was a delight to see him relaxing and doing things he enjoys.

What spring break would be complete without someone getting sick. The littles both came down with a 24 hour stomach bug. It did not not get to in the way with our week of laziness though.

So now it’s back the the daily grind of getting my kids ready for school in the morning and grocery shopping and acting like a grown up again.

While we may not have traveled afar or accomplished many things during spring break  we do have our Perler bead creations displayed prominently  above our fireplace so there is always that.

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  • Jo Zumbrunnen April 7, 2014, 10:06 AM

    It’s the little things we can do that make
    the strongest memories.

  • Aimee Giese (Greeblehaus) April 14, 2014, 3:56 PM

    My son used to make those at afterschool care but he never got that fancy! That is amazing. Feeling kind of inspired!

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