Purex Complete Crystals

I have to start out this post by admitting how much I do not enjoy doing the laundry.

I don’t know what about the laundry that overwhelms me so much. Actually I do. It’s that it never ends! As soon as you finish there is more. I know that you could say that about being a mother as well, but at least with being a mom you get smiles and hugs and kisses and laughter. My laundry does none of that for me.

disliking this chore so much inspired me to reach out for help! My help comes in the form of being a Purex insider. I thought by the excitement of trying new products and getting packages in the mail. I would do better at completing the laundry.

My first product I have been able to try is Purex Complete Crystals Softener. I got this adorable sample bottle in cute packaging at my door and I have to tell you I was actually excited to try it!

I had never tried fabric softener that you put in the washer before in my life. I have only used dryer sheets in the dryer. Crazy right? That made me even more excited to try this product.

They were great! The crystals are very unique. No clumps at all. I immediately noticed our clothes were fresh and smelled so nice! I don’t use a lot of fragrance products in laundry and was concerned the fresh spring waters scent would be over powering. it smells great and I notice the smell the most when I am giving Squeal huge hugs. I love it.

I love that it is 92% natural we have sensitive skin at my house so it was nice not to worry.

I will for sure be continuing to use this product and am surprised about how much I liked it.

I will be receiving three free voucher coupons from Purex for complete crystals softener for a giveaway soon but I think I’ll mix it up a little and have a facebook giveaway instead so be sure to like my fan page so you will know when I am doing the giveaway.

*I received free product from purex to try out. All opinions are my own including my extreme dislike for doing the laundry!

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