Daylight savings time has screwed up my life. My girls are still waking up at the crack of dawn. The only good part to this is that they fall asleep very easily. Before we can even put them to bed we find them cozily sound asleep on the couch.

My husband and I then use all the strength we can muster to carry our adorable sack of potato’s to bed. We quietly open the door to their room trying not to wake Squeal our third sack of potato’s out of her slumber in her crib. We are panting from the over excursion it took to carry two children up a flight of stairs. We are completely out of shape I should make a workout video just of people carrying  children up and down the stairs. it has got to be the hardest thing ever! We then take a step into the battlefield which is their bedroom.  BAM!!! My husband sets off a land mine. All we here is Barney’s voice exploding from a toy that goes off when touched. We freeze just hoping the robust sound of a dinosaur singing about colors  was not enough to wake our sleeping beauties. Where to step now. The room is filled with traps. Music Boxes. Lego’s, toy Hamsters with buttons that when pushed giggle so loudly they will for sure wake up our children. Some toys make noise when barely breathed upon. There is only one conclusion to this madness. Our daughters room is a war zone.

You see We have not organized their room in forever! We kind of have just kept the door shut in ignorance maybe thinking Mary Poppins would pay us a visit. Which you have to admit would be the coolest thing ever! I am officially done living in that dream world.

We are going to clean it this weekend! This is one of my new goals. I decided if I document  this  here I will have a better chance of actually accomplishing this goal. There are so many toys my kids have not played with because they can’t find pieces to it or because they cannot get to them. Those days are over. This weekend I will arm my self with a bag for good will (Or DI in Utah) in one hand and a shovel in the next. Hopefully I will make it out a live. I am so tempted to put a before picture here but the embarrassment is much too great. Perhaps I will put one up as soon as I have an immaculate after picture to put next to it.  So their you have it. Hopefully by Monday I will have a nicely organized girls bedroom that my daughters and I can be proud of.

By the way I am totally making my girls help. We will probably be playing the robot cleaning game to help keep our momentum going.

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  • Kristina P. November 19, 2010, 9:32 AM

    While you’re at it, can you clean our spare bedroom?

  • T November 19, 2010, 10:02 AM

    I gave up on the Poppins dream yesterday – and bribed the 8 year old to help the 6 year old clean her room. Is it perfect? not on your life… but at least I can get in there to kiss her goodnight without breaking my leg.

    Daylight savings time has been hard on the little ones – but can I tell you I don’t care so much because my teenagers… they have become wonderful helpful young men… I can deal with the whining just knowing that the teens are not giving me nearly as much crap :)

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