Dance cleaning, The Next Olympic Sport

I have mentioned many many times my loathing feelings towards cleaning. In the midst of hating it so much I have had to come up with something that actually can make one of my most hated chores fun!

Dance Cleaning has been the answer for me. I either put on my headphones or blare Pandora on our speakers. Now I just l don’t dance in between the cleaning but incorporate the mess into each dance. suddenly the dirty laundry or dishrag becomes my dance partner. I am spinning and leaping while picking up garbage. It is quite the sight. Maybe some day I will actually film myself doing this. (I have seriously thought about it.)

My kid’s love to participate as well. Yeah we are pretty quirky around here, but isn’t that the best way to be?

I thought I would every once in awhile share my current song of choice to clean while dancing too.
Hot Chelle Rae- Tonight Tonight

You should here Squeal sing the LA LA LA part! It is hilarious.

Do any of you dance clean? If not what helps you get your cleaning done?

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