Our Elf on the Shelf is Broken

As much as I try to be all cutesy for the holidays there is always something that goes wrong with my plan. I just can’t pull off anything the way I want to, at least I can laugh about it right?

It all started with the uber popular Elf on a Shelf. Shriek came home from school right before Thanksgiving break convinced that if her family had an elf on the shelf life would be grand. The price tag was not my favorite but when I found a deal while shopping on Thanksgiving I splurged. You read that right. I shopped on Thanksgiving. You can all go unfriend me on Facebook now…. ok now that thats done i’ll move on with the story.

When I saw them in the store I grabbed the first one I saw. How was I to know that there was both genders of the elf. Heaven forbid I buy a boy elf. Didn’t I realize that I have all girls and buying a boy elf would be the same as making everyone where thomas the train pj’s or something else equally as mortifying. I suggested just putting a skirt on our elf, “NO WAY He’s a boy and would not like that”, my girls cried at me. After all this elf has feelings and would be completely embarrassed in a skirt. It turns out something else about my elf was defective. You see this elf only moves about every two or three days. Why did I think I would remember to move the elf? Both of my daughters had teeth under their pillow that were there for a whole month. Why would I remember to move something daily??

Shriek also informed me that her friends at school’s elf on a shelf’s did clever things like bathe in marshmallow baths and make snow angels in flour. What was wrong with ours? I do have to say there are two mornings when I thought my husband and I got creative. The first picture was my idea and the second one was his idea. I think mine is better. They are both equally amazing.



Thats about as original as we got. So with 6 days left until Christmas I better step it up right? I wonder if I do, my girls will be worried that something happened to our elf because how did it suddenly get so amazing? Who knows.

Have you ever had high hopes for something that  just did not pan out? I would love your stories.



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  • jani lebaron December 19, 2012, 11:24 AM

    Yes and no on the ideas that didn’t pan out. I just lived in a slower and easier paced time. It was all I could do to pull myself out of bed at the crack of dawn to quickly check that the Brownies (they’re on my blog post today) had left something in all seven of my children’s house shoes. And… that was only from December 21 to the 23. Three days. That’s my limit! :)

  • Summer December 19, 2012, 9:02 PM

    I start so many things that I do not finish – that is one main reason I never jumped on board with the Elf on the Shelf – I knew after 3-4 days I would forget about it. Good job for trying! I love the house on the elf picture – clever!

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