My Fail Proof Elf on The Shelf Tip.

Have your oldest child do it.




No really. This is our third year of her taking it over and she is about fifty million times better at it than I ever was. I was never good at it and failed miserably!

My daughter never forgets to move it, and she is so much more creative.  She even wrote her self a schedule before she started. It has seriously been the best. The younger ones love finding it everyday, and I think it has even brought the girls a little closer, meaning they only fight ten times a day instead of twenty. So if you have an older child that knows your the one moving that annoying thing. PASS THE BUCK ELF!!!




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  • Brenda December 7, 2015, 12:32 PM

    Bahah! Genius! My son is 7 and he still believes :) but once he realizes it (I will be crushed) but then he can create the magic for his younger siblings.

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