Christmas Lights!

A few weeks before Thanksgiving I had this random thought. I all of the sudden realized that we could actually have outside christmas lights for the first time ever! This made me a lot more giddy than it probably should have. We have lived in our house for about four months and I am still loving it so much. I still can’t wrap my brain around the fact it is ours!

My Husband did a fabulous job putting them up. I did not even have to nag at him to do it (which I am sure made him happy). He was just excited as I was. My girls love using the remote to turn them on and off. I doubt we will ever be all hardcore with our own choreographed light show to music on a personalized radio frequency. But really, this is enough for me!

(But if we did have lights dancing on our house to a Christmas song it would have to be to one of my favorites  “This Christmas” I love to groove out to that one frequently, or anything sung by Donny Osmond would of course work as well)

Christmas Lights









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