A Simplified December

simplifying Christmas


I am going to start off pretty cliche but I cannot believe it is December already. I usually find myself in a panicked state this time every year. These are the questions that usually run through my frazzled mind as I realize everyone in Pinterest land does the holidays better then me.

Did I get everyone enough presents? Are they the right ones that everyone will just love?

Are we doing enough festive things together as a family?

Do my kids actually realize that Christmas is not just about Santa?

How many Delicious treats can I eat without gaining 50 pounds?

This year it is all about simplifying. My 11 year old is enjoying her second year as CEO of elf on the shelf. She does a better job then I ever did and it has been a fun way for her to do something nice for her little sisters. Last year she rocked it.

This obsession I had with filling each pocket of this advent quilt blanket had to go. Not that I could even find it this year. The year I tried to divide a 500 piece puzzle of the nativity into all the pockets for the kids to put together each day was a complete fail.

I have told my daughters that we are having a simpler Christmas, they have so much and I think they will enjoy the toys they do get more if there is not so many. I am finding myself putting a lot more thought into what I want to get them this year, because of it.

I am getting organized for all of the Christmas parties we have coming up. Like buying ingredients ahead of time to make something instead of buying gross store bought things like I normally do and getting the right amount of White elephant gifts so I don’t ruin the infamous White Elephant Christmas game again this year.

Back Story: A few years ago at a Christmas party with all of my cousins we were doing the white elephant game. The one where everyone picks a number and when it is your turn you can either steal or get a present from the pile. When it came to the end of the game there was one too few of gifts. A whole discussion erupted. Who did not bring a gift? whats going on? The truth was, it was totally me. I had only brought one gift, not two to account for my husband and I. I did not fess up to it then out of embarrassment and just waited for the conversation about it to end which seemed like it lasted a million hours.

So where was I? Oh yes, trying to simplify Christmas. I am hoping that with these few changes my  family and I will get the most out of this wonderful season. We will see what happens. Now I just need someone to make sure I stay off Instagram and Pinterest and I think I will do ok.

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