A Simple LaLaLoopsy Birthday Party

I do not throw parties very often. But when Squeal’s 4th birthday was coming up I felt like a party would be really special and fun for her. This girl LOVES Lalaloopsy a ton! That was the kind of party she wanted. Have you ever googled or typed in Lalaloopsy party on Pinterest? I will warn you that it is pretty overwhelming. Anxiety immediately set in WOAH was all I could think. Amazing fondant lalaloopsy cakes were a plenty with adorable Lalaloopsy party dresses that were only $150 dollars on Etsy! Oh my. This was not up my alley and I needed to simplify like crazy!

I still wanted the party to be adorable and fun but I knew I was not up for something as extravagant as what I was seeing online. Here is what I did. It was simple and not very expensive and everyone had a blast! Hope this helps all you birthday party planning underachievers like me out there.

The Decorations.
I knew making everything Lalaloopsy would be expensive so I ventured over to my local dollar store and bought everything I needed in fun polkadot patterns. Wrapping paper for the table that we also used for the water bottle labels. Cute bow’s…ect We then decorated our banister with all of the Lalaloopsy dolls we had. This turned out so cute!

lala loopsy decorations


The centerpieces were curly “lalaloopsy Silly Hair” In Jars. We used these for the craft as well.

All the cake and cupcakes online looked so daunting and expensive. I ordered some fairly inexpensive yummy cupcakes at a bakery (about a dollar each) I used a bakery because I am not a big fan of the big grocery store cupcakes. I had them made with fun spring colors frosting. I wanted somthing cute to put on the cupcakes and found an adorable lalaloopsy memory match game at Ross for $3.99 The pieces were round and I stuck them on the cupcakes. I Love how they turned out!


I found this idea from PartyGamesPlus.com through Pinterest. I printed out the adorable Lalaloopsy paper dolls and glued them on fun card stock. I then got scrap fabric from my super talented Aunt, buttons for the eyes and we used pencil curled pipe cleaners for the silly hair. So funny, I got the pipe cleaners from a friend who had made them for a church activity for the center pieces. After the activity she did not need them anymore! These were so cute! Each girl named there doll. They all turned out so different and fun!

paper dolls

lalaloopsy paperdolls

We also played Button Button who’s got the button

For the final activity I bought the brand new LaLaOopsies movie for all of the girls to watch. They loved it.

lala oopsy movie

All in all it was a really fun party! Still a lot of work, we did have ten little girls at our tiny condo after all. I could tell Squeal had a complete blast.

Squeal birthday

Hope these simple ideas help you when your planning a Lalaloopsy party for your little one!


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  • jani lebaron March 27, 2013, 10:25 AM

    Cute party! I had no idea what Lalaloopsy was until I saw one in a store and got it for my granddaughter and she got so excited! :)

  • Stacie S-H March 27, 2013, 10:50 AM

    Gonna share this with my sister whose daughter is almost 4. Wonder if they have Lalaloopsy at their house. Such cute ideas for the party!

  • Lady of Perpetual Chaos April 16, 2013, 12:30 PM

    We are planning a LaLaLoopsy party here at our house and will probably be stealing some of your ideas! I’m more of a low maintenance party planner. Kids really just want to get together, play some games and have fun. Why make it more complicated than that?!

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