Build Your Blog Conference 2015

The funny thing about blogging is that things can be super calm and all of the sudden you have a bunch of events super close together. Two recent weekends in a row have been crazy, but such a great learning experience. After RootsTech came Build Your Blog Conference. This was my first year attending and I really enjoyed it.

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I was grateful to be sponsored by Taste of Home, which made it possible for me to attend, them and of course my extremely patient husband who did not mind me being gone for another weekend. He was truly a saint carting the kids around to their Saturday activities and handling everything with ease

Lately I have been feeling confused on exactly the direction I want my blog to go. I can hardly believe it has been five years since I started writing here. Going to a such a wonderfully put together blog conference such as this one was can you really help you focus and remind you why you started blogging in the first place.

Here are a few things I enjoyed about the conference.


*Friends! Utah has such an amazing blogging community and I always love running into friends and meeting new ones. Tara from keep moving forward with me and I did a great job of unintentionally matching and Diana and I clicked immediately.

taste of home

*The Taste of Home cooking trends class. I know I am not a food blogger but I still greatly enjoyed listening to James Schend, food editor of Taste Of Home Magazine talked about what the food trends are at the moment. Apparently fried chicken is gaining steam (or I should say oil) while the bacon trend may be on it’s way out. I really enjoyed learning about the fun ways Taste of Home incorporates human interest stories combined with food in their magazine. Cooking is definitely another passion of mine and I always love listening to experts in the field talking about what they love.

*The Keynote Speakers. There is something special about listening to people tell their stories in such an inspiring way that it makes you immediately want to live your life better. from Chris Jones from Mitchell’s journey and Mycore to David Mead talking about the Start With Why movement, and  also hearing from Jesse Robinson about The Tyler Robinson Foundation that Imagine Dragons is involved with. It helps families affected by pediatric cancer.  On March 4th They want to raise 1 million voices of hope for pediatric cancer families. find out more info here.

I can not wait to apply everything I learned at Build your blog conference to my blog. Blogging is a force to be reckoned with and I am so grateful for my little space here!







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  • Lori Hart March 2, 2015, 8:45 AM

    This was my third year attending and you can never learn enough. I already have my ticket for 2016 and hope to see you there!

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