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I am loving all of these year end review posts on blogs. I have not been blogging the whole year so instead I wanted to share some blogs I have loved reading this past year or less than a year. Some that I really enjoy.

Tightwad in Utah
This blog has such wonderful info and has saved me a lot of money. One of my favorite gifts I gave this year for Christmas was one I purchased using information on this site It was a link to a site that gave a $20 credit for signing up and Audrey gave tips on how to get a free gift from them with free shipping! She also has a daily post about giveaways that are ending that day. Such good info and a fellow Utahn whats not to love?

She Posts
This is a blog about blogging and all the happenings going on in the blogosphere. I love it. I learn so much from the posts. I love reading about things that other bloggers are accomplishing. Such a good read!

Deals To Meals
This is a link to her blog but what I use is her website. it is an actual program that scouts out all the weekly grocery store deals so you don’t have to. She plans daily recipes that coincide with whats on sale! I love this program. It costs a little over a dollar a week. the recipes are so yummy! My family loves them. I have been on this for a little less than a year and seriously there has only been a few recipes I have not liked. I love taking all her info on whats on sale and price matching at Walmart. I save a lot of money and I have been building up my food storage as well.

The Daily Blarg
Stephanie is hilarious! I love reading her blog and conversing with her on twitter. I have met Stephanie in real life and the way she is online is exactly how she is in person, genuine, friendly, and pretty darn funny.

Frugal Family Fun Blog
This blog is adorable! The fun things Valerie does with her girls are so creative and simple. The expressions on her daughters faces every time they do something fun keeps me coming back to see what she thinks of next. Love it.

There are so many other blogs I read that I want to share this up coming year. These were just a few I thought of right off.

I hope everyone has a Happy New year!! I plan on eating a million little appetizers and watching movies with my little family.

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  • Camille December 30, 2010, 8:16 PM

    So I’m only familiar with one of these (Steph’s of course!) Thanks for the suggestions. Will have to check them out!! Happy New Year!

  • Jody January 1, 2011, 12:53 PM

    I love Valerie and her blog. It is one of my favorites too.
    Happy New Year!

  • Steph January 4, 2011, 5:16 PM

    OMG… I feel so priviledged to have been listed. You are seriously so sweet. And the fact that you still like me after spending a weekend driving and sleeping with me means you are amazing and awesome.

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