Today I got the opportunity to be on Fresh Living again and the subject was one of my favorites, Mom Blogging! I was on the program with Stephanie and Sari two awesome blogging ladies. It was a blast.

I wanted to welcome anyone new visiting Living the Scream today and also offer some of my favorite blogging resources for people who are interested in starting a blog or learning more. I highly recommend it!

There is so much info on the internet for blogging, but a site a I really enjoy is SITS The Secret to Success is Support. They live by that motto and have amazing segments on teaching everything abut blogging and they focus a lot on spot lighting blogs and encouraging comments. They also have a blogging Conference called Bloggy Boot Camp that takes place all over. If you ever get the change to go to one totally do it!

This next site I have mentioned before. If you interested in the world of blogging, what other people are doing with there blog, more information about working with brands and so on She posts is it. I love the articles it is such an informative blog!

I love blogging and the much needed break it gives me from all the trauma drama that raising three daughters bring!

Have some great blog resources? Feel free to share them in the comments.

*I am also over at Mommy Moment today.

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  • T March 3, 2011, 5:04 PM

    that’s it… I’m convinced I’m doing everything wrong as a blogger right now anyway – I’m spending tomorrow turning my life over to SITS and ShePosts and maybe in a year or two the tv will be calling me too :)

    oh wait, that’s right… I live in rinky dink-ville and going on TV here will maybe get you seen by 3 1/2 people… on a good day.

  • Julie March 7, 2011, 12:54 AM

    Dang! That’s twice i’ve missed you now. I’ll have to check out the video. So fun to be asked to be on tv.

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