To My Almost 5 Yr Old

Squeal Selfies

In three days you are turning five! I have so much to say about you and your almost five years of being my daughter. You are one of the most spirited stubborn people I have ever known. So stubborn in fact that this week I noticed you changed your own laugh! I did not even think that was possible. It went from a giggle too a nerdy sounding more dragged out laugh that makes me laugh. I think that may have been your point.

You love to figure out most things completely on your own. I love this about you. It is the opposite of me. When I was pregnant with you we were living in Texas far away from any family. It was very emotionally  hard. I learned so much about figuring things out for myself at that time. I think some of my new independence must have rubbed off on you. It’s a great quality and I hope you always have it.

You are very meticulous. Things need to be just right. You have always been this way, lining things up and categorizing things from a super young age. Your bedtime stuffed animals have a special spot where they have to be every single night. If I move your cuddles the monkey one inch you for sure notice.

I love the way you treat your baby sister (most of the time). Your tender and sweet and teach her lots of important things including, but not limited too the right way to pose for photos and how to say goodbye to your sisters as they leave for school each morning.

Your singing voice makes my heart so happy. That is the reason I can’t help but sing along. I know that drives you crazy but I don’t think it can be stopped. Your sweet singing is just too contagious.

I hope you always want me to kiss you on your forehead at bedtime. I love the sweet kisses you give me that you refer to as smudges. I will miss them so badly when you have decided your too old for smudges.

You teach me so much patience especially when you get particularly frustrated by things like your tights not fitting right on your legs or the seems of your socks bugging your toes.

The word gigantic will always sound better to me pronounced as Gijantic, as you say it. emphasis on the J sounds. I love it so much and will get mad at anyone who tries to correct you. I have noticed you growing up the past few weeks in the way you speak. Please please quit it!

Can you do me one favor? You know when I am in the other room and something is our of your reach and you holler out very dramatically “Mommy I need You!” When your older can you promise to still need me, if only a  little bit? I know you won’t for most of your days and thats good, but the occasional shout out will help me so greatly and remind me of the days when you needed my help.

I know I am so lucky to be your mom. I will never forget that. I love you so much. My birthday wish for you would be for you to always be you! Hilarious, unpredictable, stubborn you!


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  • Shell March 20, 2014, 4:13 PM

    Her faces are so cute! Five is such a big milestone.

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