My Thoughts On Turning 30.

No It is not my Birthday today but I felt the need to reflect on this huge momentous Birthday coming up really soon.

I have exactly 15 more glorious days of still being in my twenties. I don’t know why the big three zero is bothering me but it so is!

Maybe it is because I feel like I have accomplished so much in my twenties. I got married, had three adorable daughters, we bought our first place and so on. I am glad for the person I am today and all of those years but 30 just seems old! People look at me like I am crazy when I say that but it is how I feel.

I asked Shout a question about me being 30 and here is what she said.

Me: “Do you think being 30 years old sounds old?”

Shout:”Yes. Thats a high number and high numbers are old.”

Could it be said any more plain than that? A friend of mine was talking to me about having a list of thirty things you need to do before thirty. I realized I had no list! How can I turn thirty with out this list that everybody seems to have except me!! I know my days are numbered before my birthday but I still felt like I needed to accomplish this. So here is my complete list. I figure I’ll do two a day. I know that is pretty high goal to be reached but I know I can do this. So here goes.

1. Take naps

2. Eat chocolate without sharing.

3. Listen to that song “In My Next Thirty Years” and sing it as loud as I  can until my kids beg me to stop.

4. Watch plenty of t.v.

5. Avoid the laundry.

6. Eat fast food.

7. Don’t cook.

8. Procrastinate something.

9. Watch Tangled for the 50th time.

10. Tell my husband I have a headache.

11. Spend some time on twitter.

12. Spend time on Instagram.

13. Push mark as read on my google reader.

14. Eat chips for breakfast

15. Make walking through my daughter’s room at bedtime without stepping on a noisy toy an Olympic sport.

16. Have my kids be late to school

17. Be late to church

18. Wear my PJ’s to take my girls to school.

19. Mispel allot uf wurdz on meye bloog.

20. Forget to brush my hair.

21. Embarrass my kids.

22. Trip.

23.  Roll my eyes at people that drive me crazy while driving.

24. Read an e-mail that says I have won the lottery or have a bunch of money from a relative that is listed in pounds.

25. Like something on Facebook.

26. Drive my husband crazy.

27. Talk my husbands ear off after his 15 hour work day.

28. Kiss my adorable daughters Cheeks.

29  I will Dance Clean.

30. Try not to screw up my children too much.

Now I know what your thinking. How could anyone accomplish all of that in only fifteen days? I promise I will pace myself and I’ll also promise you this. I will not let you down!

What things would you like to accomplish before you hit a certain age?

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  • Rachel Sue October 13, 2011, 8:16 AM

    I like your list. It seems very attainable. And there is just something unnerving about being 30. I don’t know why, but you’re right. And I still have 9 months to go!

  • Julie October 13, 2011, 9:14 AM

    30? You’re just getting started. And good luck to you with your list. You make me laugh. But at least it may be realistic!

  • Kimberly October 13, 2011, 9:58 PM

    I turned 30 in May and I had a hard time with it too. I still have days where I don’t understand how I could possibly be ‘this old’ already!

    Love the list!

  • Jessica October 13, 2011, 11:26 PM

    I turn 30 next year and I’m not looking forward to it.

    I do think however, that I can accomplish this list within the next 4 months before my big 3-0 celebration.

  • Steph October 21, 2011, 1:36 PM

    That is my kind of list. I think I could do all of those things in 3 days. And I feel really old. LOL

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