My One and Only Pinterest Worthy Day.

Sometimes I really struggle about what to write here. I don’t do crafts. I don’t like to blog about what I cook for dinner (unless you all tell me that a mac and cheese tutorial would be helpful.) I tend not to be all self motivational about life and parenting. I just like to make people laugh.

You better believe though that when I do something that actually qualifies as crafty and adorable that I am going to share the crap out of it.

My daughter Shout recently turned 10 and decided she wanted a party. I had not done one in a long time. My girls can choose a few small presents and a party, or more presents from us, going to dinner with family and no party. They usually choose the latter.

My first thought was, go simple so I forced persuaded her to choose to do something easy. She went with a home Movie night with seven of her friends, and chose the new Cinderella movie. I came up with the idea of serving a fun table full of pumpkin spice treats. Get it? Cinderella and pumpkins. I am a genius. It also helps that the world spews out everything pumpkin spice during the month of September. Trader Joe’s was my best friend.

I wanted to make the table look festive and adorable so (I spent hours making each decoration to match my theme using my own blood sweat and tears) Called my Mom.  My Mom is the queen of cuteness. Her house is so adorably decorated that when you walk in you mistake it for one of those trendy boutiques full of amazing decor and fun style. She brought over to my house a giant basket full of cuteness to surround the treats and it was phenomenal. The girls loved it! Even if they barely watched the movie and instead talked about boys. I had forgotten how early that starts!


My Mom also gave me the idea to stick a bunch of suckers in a pumpkin, it turned out so festive and cute (use a shish kabob skewer first to make the sucker holes, it is sharp and much easier that way) DID I JUST OFFER A TIP ON HOW TO MAKE A CENTERPIECE??? I do not even recognize myself!!

The iphone picture I took of the whole spread even turned out good!

So there you have it, a completely adorable Pinterest worthy fall birthday party that I cannot take any credit for, o.k maybe I will take a little credit. I did drive to Trader Joe’s.

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  • adrian October 8, 2015, 10:15 PM

    A-men! I love Pinterest, but I never cook anything from it or do any crafts for it. For me, it’s just a fun place to pin pretty pictures and maybe pick up a bit of extra traffic. But I’m not about to just make more work for myself!

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